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Smile Africa has several teachers on staff that allow the street children the opportunity to receive a quality education free of charge. The school runs Monday-Saturday and has provided hundreds of children with a bright future. The school hosts nursery class- P. 3 and once the children show capability of success at the P. 3 level, Smile Africa will arrange for further education at a local school. 

Smile Africa Baby Home

Smile Africa currently hosts a couple dozen infants and toddlers on a full-term basis. Most of these babies come to Smile Africa with a history of abuse and abandonement and Smile Africa provides them with the holistic care they need to truly thrive, meeting their physical, mental, and emotional needs. 


Feeding Project


Smile Africa currently feeds 300+ children 2 warm, nutritious meals each day free of charge. In most cases, these 2 meals are the only guaranteed source of food for the children. Through this program, Smile Africa has been able to bring many malnourished children back to health. This program is an ongoing area of financial need for the organization. 

On-Site Clinic

Smile Africa has an on-site clinic with 2 full-time nurses. The clinic operates Monday-Saturday and caters to a variety of needs, from minor scrapes to malaria and everything in between. This clinic also caters to the local Karamojong community, offering them services free of charge. The nurses also help those with HIV/AIDS receive proper treatment to live a fulfilled life. 


Smile Africa caters to widows in several nearby communities. The goal is to provide these women with a community of support and also teach them a trade to empower them and allow them to provide for their families. Some of these skills include tailoring, farming, and making jewelry. 


Not only does Smile Africa cater to the physical needs of individuals, but it also caters to the spiritual needs. In 2013, Smile Africa began hosting on-site church services every Sunday. Dozens of children and adults have been able to receive spiritual guidance and grow in their faith. Many of the children participate in the children's choir and some of the teenage children volunteer to preach a short message during the services. 

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